XSitePro Gets More and More Expensive…

It’s been a while since my last post.. some personal issues have kept me occupied, but since then my views on X Site Pro have taken a bit of a nose dive.

Actually, that’s not fair. X Site Pro is great; Intellimon however..

Intellimon is the company behind X Site Pro, run by Paul Smithson. What I’ve discovered since buying X Site Pro is that Intellimon doesn’t just handle the web design software. They also deal in email mailout managers (XMailPro) and training courses (Complete Guide to Website Building) – both high ticket items which prices near $200. XMailPro is actually the private label version of AWeber, the popular email marketing service.

Whilst it’s great that Intellimon can come up with such a good (can’t comment myself on anything except XSitePro – but the testimonials seem to show lots of genuine satisfaction) products, but I sort of get the feeling that I’ve bought into a string of sales letters. Every now and then I get an email ‘from Paul Smithson’ (yeah right, it’s an autoresponder) discussing another training aspect, but now the focus is definitely on directing me to the Complete Guide to Website Marketing.

As a Site Build It veteran, I appreciate the ‘all-in-one’ training/tools/tips/talk – even for an annual subscription. Each time I’m whiping out my card for yet another hefty Intellimon purchase, I get ‘buyers angst’.

Am I being unreasonable?


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