Build a Website without HTML with XSitePro

It’s great being able to build a website without html! Having used Site Build It for just over a year, you kind of get used to putting in little bits of coding which you pick up over time. It’s like going on holiday to a foreign country; you pick up some of the lingo.

Not with XSitePro!

It’s quite relaxing (and much quicker) to simply copy and paste from Microsoft Word or Google Docs and instantly see results. If I wanted to, I could have an article live in less than 30 seconds after finishing it off in Word… but I wouldn’t because I like formatting – but that’s not the point!

What’s also great at the moment is the templates – I’m getting a few made up, but the one’s that come with it anyway look fantastic. They’re pretty simple to edit too, although all of my efforts have (in all honesty) ruined the delicate works of the Intellimon graphics designers, but with more care and understanding, I’m sure anyone could tinker with the templates.

I discovered another really useful feature – the multi-page creator. Essentially you can create as many pages as you like based on a set of keywords, single description, single page layout and design and that’s about it.

It’s tools like this which cause havoc for search engines since it’s effectively a mechanized way of creating duplicate content – it’s best used as a fast solution to create many similar pages. I setup about 50 pages with formatted headlines, all the graphics, forms and audio I needed so all I need to do now is write and/or edit the copy for each page and upload it. Much faster than doing it all from scratch!

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