Burning Money…

The spend so far…

  • $197 (about £120) X Site Pro 2 Software – Intellimon
  • $179.40 (about £110) X Mail Pro – also from Intellimon
  • £64.72 Electro-Host Web Hosting
  • $29.00 (about £20) Graphics

TOTAL: about £320

Still to come…

  • $49.95 (About £30) Clickbank Product Activation fee
  • $67 XSP Cheat Sheet
  • Google Adwords test fees – my future mortgage perhaps?

I’ve managed to piece together a mini site already though! X Site Pro is very easy to use; the actual content goes into a Microsoft Word-type editor where it is then formatted into the webpage. It’s quite easy to copy and paste across, although sometimes the text doesn’t quite stay the same. X Site Pro isn’t smart enough to assume what is and isn’t a headline without manually specify each headline and its appropriate tag (e.g. <h1>).

The extra functions (or ‘Wizards’) are very easy to use. I’ve already setup email forms, images, audio files and it takes barely moments. For the former, I’ve actually setup using XMail Pro which is also from Intellimon. Why? – because my mini site ambitions were fueled by watching Michael Rasmussen’s free videos: Mini Sites Profits Exposed, and in them he discusses his own email software, AutomateYourList.com.

I was browsing through the supported platforms for the forms wizard and didn’t see it listed so I started comparing prices of those that were – and XMail Pro was the same thing with a different logo. So those screencast tutorials are still useful!

I set up hosting and within minutes I heard that first ‘ta-da’ the software plays each time you hit ‘Publish’. Quite satisfying!

XSitePro makes it very easy to build websites (although I wouldn’t try and build them in 10 minutes like the video suggests!) and even easier to manage. So far a very happy customer – I’m contemplating buying all the official X Site Pro books and guides for reference at home as opposed to trawling through the help bar.

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