Sneak peak inside XSitePro

Getting a look at the inner workings of a community you’re about to buy into is always great. X Site Pro have set up a message board for users (and non-users) to discuss X Site Pro, technical issues, internet marketing etc.

There’s also a ‘Knowledgebase’ where users are offered practical support and tutorials on specific questions like ‘Can I add audio to my site?’.

Both of these I found via the ‘Resources’ section on the main website – but the interesting stuff took a bit more digging. You can find the full guides available online at The guides are also available as books to buy separately – Reading through a couple of articles, I discovered you can export X Site Pro files out onto Dreamweaver and Frontpage.

XSitePro allows you to create a Web site and then export it in its entirety in a folder structure that can then be loaded by most Web page editing packages such as FrontPage or Dreamweaver.

Unfortunately, FrontPage and Dreamweaver do not have the ability to be able to export and import in a single file in the same way that XSitePro can. To get round this XSitePro will put all the necessary files in a folder of your choosing. It is then an easy enough process to load FrontPage or Dreamweaver and import this.

This can be useful if you have a colleague that doesn’t have access to XSitePro and needs the files in a non-XSitePro format. It also means that when you use XSitePro you are never tied down to the one piece of software as you can quickly move anything you create from XSitePro into any other appropriate software.

When I get around to learning Dreamweaver, maybe I’ll be able to use a few shortcuts; but also potentially use X Site Pro for my Site Build It websites? The possibilities are endless.

A couple of gripes however…

Testimonials mean nothing if you can’t verify them; what’s to stop anyone from writing a series of raving user stories and posting them on their sales pages. Looking through the message boards, I can see there are countless happy clients, but it would be nice if they gave a link to the sites of the person giving the testimonial. Perhaps this could create some stick (free links for testimonials?!) – so a straight rel=”no follow” could fix that.

Also, the screenshots are pretty useless. You can see the software, but you can’t see the details. Something basic such as a pop-up slideshow showing screenshots in there true resolution – or even better – an interactive flash tour showing you around the different parts.

XSP ScreenshotThis image is copied and pasted from the ‘Screenshots’ page without the resolution changed. There’s nothing wrong – I just want more </rant>

Regardless, I hope to buy X Site Pro when I get back from a trip this week.

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