X Site Pro Newbie Blogs Adventure

Welcome to my blog!

I first started building websites when I was 15, when I purchased a package from Site Build It. It’s very nearly a since I started my online adventures (20th October 2008 was the official date) and I’ve learnt so much.

Engaging in online communities such as the SEOmoz Blog and Website Babble forums has been great for nurturing creativity and ideas. I’ve since purchased a dual Site Build It package which has led to the creation of www.how-to-build-a-website.co.uk which essential documents my learnings and story.

Apart from the larger scale Site Build It websites, I’ve a number of smaller ideas. The thought of using Adobe Dreamweaver frightens me – both in terms of the technical skills required, and the time taken to learn it all! I guess I’ll have to learn it at some point, but in order to fulfill my websites name – I’ll need to explore different ways of building sites!

Several evenings of searching kept ticking over the same name – X Site Pro. The software is apparently simple to use and produces pretty sites. The testimonials are raving (aren’t they always?) and there is of course a heck of a lot of ‘reviews’ by affiliates out there.

I figured that by setting up a blog to document my discoveries as they come would be more helpful to other people evaluating X Site Pro or other similar products (including Adobe Dreamweaver) and also give me a chance to try out WordPress (which incidentally, is very intuitive and easy to use!) and niche blogging.

That’s the story so far – stay tuned!

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